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    Marketing Online

    No matter what your business, Internet marketing online is a tempting option. Online Internet marketing used to be a useless pursuit for all but a few businesses. So few people bought things online that there was no point in even trying. Although mass e-mail marketing already had some appeal, it was much better to put your efforts in another direction. It is strange how quickly things have changed, and how profoundly. Internet marketing online now is crucial, even for local businesses.

    My business experiences provide a great example of the way that Internet marketing online can turn things around. For the past 5 years or so, I have run a gourmet restaurant. Our regulars loved us, but the word was not getting out. We tried everything. We enlisted the help of a marketing and advertising company which ran us through the whole standard program. We gave out coupons, took out ads in the yellow pages and the local papers, and even tried telephone marketing. No matter what we tried, however, nothing worked. Things were desperate. Then we tried Internet marketing online.

    To say that I was amazed would be a serious understatement. I have heard of the successes of Internet marketing for online businesses, but ours is not an online business. I had no idea why Internet marketing online would even work. Why would people look for a gourmet restaurant on the Internet? It wasn’t like we delivered our food. Whatever the reason, Internet marketing online seems to have turned things around. Within a month of starting to use online marketing Internet, our business was booming. There was even a lunch crowd! Normally, we only had one busy time of night: the dinner rush. Since starting Internet marketing online, however, we have literally had to turn people away. It just blows my mind!

    Of course, Internet marketing online must be handled carefully. You never know who is going to link to your webpage, or what kinds of mentions you are going to get on the Internet. I have never believed that all publicity is good publicity. This may hold true for some businesses, but in the restaurant businesses things are different. If you’re going to use Internet marketing online, you must be sure to use a respectable online advertising firm. It is almost impossible to devise an Internet marketing strategy if you have had no experience with the medium, so it is crucial that you find someone you trust to work with.

  • The Pros and Cons of Internet Marketing

    internet marketing

    Those who are in the Internet marketing field who are doing well and have found a lot of success, can at times make this career sound like it is a walk in the park. This is sometimes misleading for those who are just getting into Internet marketing however since every job always has pros and cons. There are also a lot of gurus out there who claim that people can get rich quick if they come an Internet marketer and use their strategies to do it and that type of hype can also give the field a bad rap.

    Internet Marketing

    Internet Marketing

    Marketing online is not all that it it made out to be by some, but there are still a lot of positive aspects about this career field and some of the things people may hear are true. There is so much information however, that it is hard to determine what the pros and cons of Internet marketing really are. Here is a short list of several of the pros and cons of internet marketing so that those who are just getting started in this career can weigh things properly.

    Pros of Internet Marketing

    • As a marketer on the Internet, you would be your own boss in most instances. Sometimes people decide to work for other marketers before going out on their own, but the majority of them have their own business and control their own fate. This gives people in the field flexibility when it comes to scheduling, time, spending time with family and taking vacations.
    • Marketers can choose to work from home if they wish. The only equipment or supplies that are really needed is an up to date computer, Internet connection (preferably high speed) and a cell phone. This makes the start up costs really low because a lot of people already own computer equipment and cell phones.
    • Even though the recession has hit everywhere, people are still going to buy online and use the Internet for many years to come. It does not look like people are going to stop being interested in being online any time soon and the technology is only getting better. Due to this, the Internet marketing field will also be around for many years to come.
    • Those who work hard and dedicated themselves to marketing online can make a full time living. It is not something that will happen overnight, but with determination and the right skills, there is the opportunity to make a decent living working online as an Internet marketer.
    • Internet marketing can be done any time of the day or night, which makes it great for stay at home parents or for people who work in the field as a second job.

    Cons of Internet Marketing

    • It is a very competitive field and there are people who have been marketing online for a well over a decade. There are also several people who try to get into the field on a daily basis. Due to this, some of the niches that are marketed online are very saturated and it is hard to get into them without having the proper strategies.
    • It is not a way to get rich quick and it does take a lot of time, determination and the right tools in order to start making a full time living from Internet marketing. It can be done in a short amount of time, but it is classic case of people getting back what they put into it.
    • Due to the recession, consumers are spending less on unnecessary purchases. This means that there has to be a need for the product or service that is being marketed in order for consumers to be willing to buy.
    • It can take up a lot of time when a person is first getting into the field.
    • Becoming a good Internet marketer means earning respect from both consumers and from other Internet marketers. This respect and trust can take a little while to earn.
    • The industry gets a bad rap sometimes because there are some Internet marketers who act unethically in order to make money quickly.
  • Marketing Or Advertising As a Very Broad Concept

    marketing or advertising

    Marketing or advertising is a very broad concept. It includes various modes of advertising i.e. television, internet, radio, print ads, brochures, social networking sites and the word of mouth. Advertising is also very essential for any product to ensure that product gains market in the long run even after the halt to advertising. Therefore digital marketing branch of online marketing is extremely important. Digital marketing aims at targeting audiences through the TV, radio, mobiles and the internet. It tries to target people of all genres. It is also responsible for long term marketing. As sometimes the promotional mail sent to a person may end up remaining in his mail forever if he doesn’t delete it from his inbox.

    Digital marketing is a bigger concept and is not just limited to internet. It also includes mediums like telephones, cell phones, and SMS/MMS and digital banners. It is a much broader concept than online marketing. It also covers larger amount of people and hence helps at getting large number of customers. There are two different methods of digital marketing namely the Pull and the Push method. Both of them are equally important and have their own set of pros and cons. I’ll be discussing each method in the preceding paragraphs.

    Marketing & Advertising

    Marketing Or Advertising

    The Pull method of digital marketing would require the customer to reach out to the market or the internet to look out for the product they need and want. Here the customer would have to put in more effort in going to the hard work to search for the material. The marketers such put the information on the display. The pull method of digital marketing is entirely dependent on the customer and his needs as the customer goes to the internet to browse through different information of his choice. Checking out blogs, articles, ads hosted on various sites are all a part of this pull method. It can be basically understood as the advertisers pull the customer’s attention to their ads online.

    The main disadvantage of this pull method of digital marketing is that the customer may miss out on some information which comes out in the form of pop-ups, if the customer has a pop-up blocker. Also if the ads posted by advertisers are not attractive enough, then they may lose out on some business. The next method of digital marketing in online marketing is the Push method, where the marketer pushes or imposes information on the customer through e-mails, SMS/MMS etc. it ensures better targeting and data along with faster and consistent delivery of messages. However this method targets small number of audiences and is costly as well. Therefore, while going for digital marketing in online marketing techniques one should always select the method of marketing very carefully. But do go for it if you want to please people of all genres.

  • All About Digital Marketing

    digital marketing

    If you are looking for ways to cut up your expenses on advertising, digital marketing is a good choice. With digital marketing, your company can increase its exposure to consumers without spending thousands of money. Its benefits are efficient yet it is a low cost form of marketing, the following all about digital marketing.




    There are many kinds of digital marketing if you will depend on the methods used to do it. It makes use of different tools. Some may market products and services through email while others use RSS feeds. Some digital marketers also make use of instant messaging and video steaming. To use a video or email, you just need to create a video and upload it at popular sites like YouTube. The same process – creating a message using the preferred tool and uploading it at an appropriate site – goes true for other kinds of marketing.


    There are two basic kinds of digital marketing when you look into the relationship of the marketer and consumer. There is a kind that called ‘pull’ marketing wherein the consumers get to choose information they want to receive and the marketer does not have control over what the consumers receive or not. The second kind involves ‘push’ marketing wherein the consumer chooses to receive messages and the marketer gets to decide on the marketing messages that he will send.


    A lot of people opt to receive but do not welcome marketing messages that much. One reason is that there are too many marketing messages that approach them from the morning to the evening. If you want your audience to retain your marketing messages and influence their decision, digital marketing can be of great use. One of the characteristics of an effective marketing plan is to hit the audience at the right time. For instance, if you sell cars, the best time to show your marketing message to a person who is planning to buy a car is when he is about to decide or at least compare price, sellers, models, etc. This is when it gains its advantage over other traditional marketing media. Since a lot of people go online when looking for products and services that they need, the best place to market a business is on the internet. Digital marketing is usually done online and a lot of consumers go online when looking for something to buy. Thus, you have to show your ad or marketing message to them before they actually avail or before their actual purchase.

    It also has an edge if you want a targeted advertising. It is easy to focus your marketing messages with digital marketing. You can easily choose marketing media and sites that are normally visited by people within your targeted audience. You can also easily choose to do the marketing locally, nationally or globally. Another advantage of it is that your ad stays on the internet as long as you want it to be. For instance, a marketing video may be uploaded to YouTube or to your website. it will stay there as long as you keep your account or website.