Preventive Maintenance Routine Steps for Home Generators

Preventive maintenance

Considering how important preventive maintenance  is, many people take the initiative to do their own routine as soon as possible to avoid more complex problems in the future. Maintenance can assure you that your generators will work at the time you need it. To save time while doing preventive maintenance routine, you can refer to steps below as the best strategy to do maintenance in an efficient way.

Steps in preventive maintenance routine can be swapped according to your situation and condition. However, there are standard routine steps you must follow to maximize your action and save more time. In brief, the first thing to do is you need to check fluid in the generator. Second, take a good care of your generator by cleaning it. Third, you have to do parts inspection while clean or after clean it. Those three steps have more detail explanations that you need to do thoroughly to get maximum result.

Fluid maintenance is the most important thing you should do. Fluids in generator usually consist of oil and gasoline. Oil is used as lubrication in every moving parts of generator. Without oil, the moving parts will crash one to another. You need to change oil at least once a year because oil that has been working too long will lose its ability to lubricate parts in the right and proper way. Gasoline as generator’s energy source should also be changed to keep the gasoline tank clean. If you are in winter season, replacing anti-freeze liquid is also important.

After changing fluids, second step to do is cleaning every inch of your generator. Remove dust or dirt that pile up in every sideline you can found. Any debris you skip to clean may fall to moving parts of generator and disturb the function. To save time, do the third step while leaning generator’s parts. Check every parts whether it is still in a good condition or in need of replacement. Rust and corrosion in chassis are your number one enemies. Change chassis immediately when corrosion has spread out. The last but not least, check the battery and make sure it will ignite the generator properly.

Completing these steps will ensure your generator works in a great performance anytime you need it. Checking while cleaning the parts surely can save much of your time.





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