Istilah Yang Harus Diketahui Dalam Freelance Online

freelance online
World freelance online or often called with freelance work freelance businessman or had terms that can be confusing to new freelancers. Well, if you’re a freelancer, you should pay attention to the term – the following term. As for the important terms that you should know is the rating, testimonials, and more.
Rating in the world of freelance online this is a number or value provided by the client for the provider you are working on. They will give you a rating from 1 to 10. The more the rating as you can, then the better and greater quality and prestige value you get from your clients. The second term is bidding. Bidding is the number or value of the auction you will get from the buyers or clients that use freelance services online. By getting the high bidding, quality you provide should be higher. That way, your clients will be satisfied with the results of your hard work. Terms for freelance work or turned off you must know is the pitching. This term is a bidding process that you do with your provider and the clients who will use your services. The concept of pitching is pretty much the same with the auction system is done in certain projects. So, you will compete to capture the deals they offer for the provider and the services that you will provide.

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