The New Age of Digital Marketing

The new age of digital marketing has proved to be greatly popular amongst today’s most successful Internet businesses and corporations. The current marketing methods of the modern Internet have given birth to companies, which in turn, have lead to the rise of other ventures.

Since the mid to late 1990’s popular websites such as,, and have at some point sold advertising space on their respective domains. The idea of selling advertising room on a website is growing rapidly, even the world renowned has recently started getting in on the act; they have begun selling space to other various Internet companies such as auction giant

marketing digital

It is easy for one to see how placing an advertisement on Google’s site would tremendously improve a business’ chance of success. The same has been true of Yahoo since its inception in 1994. Yahoo’s success in attracting visitors via a number of ways such as games, videos, and free E-mail has made their site prime Internet real estate. And so the cycle begins, Yahoo started marketing themselves on television which resulted in more traffic, thus more advertising revenue for the company.

Digital marketing on the web has grown to such a point where online businesses have been known to both spend and earn advertising costs. Consequently, the job market improves as more jobs are created, based on this model. Marketing digitally represents advancements in the tactics of advertising by keeping up with the ever rapidly progressing world of technology.

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