Online Marketing

Online Marketing is essentially a marketing communication activities using the Internet media. At first using HTML-formatted pages that can be accessed by Internet users. That was the beginning of the website which then becomes ‘second home’ for companies that already exist to show his true identity.

In the development of online marketing is not just using the media website, but also email and other applications that run over Internet protocol. As part of its marketing activities by using the Internet media, online advertising (advertising on the Internet) to be of interest to the study of particular marketers and business generally.

At first Internet advertising in the media is to move the material which has been running ads in conventional media (television, magazines, newspapers) to the website. But in its development, utilization characteristics of the Internet media is able to maximize the results obtained through the activities of advertising on the Internet. It results in Internet media is now used as part of the mix (marketing mix) with a different approach according to the characteristics of the media and target audience to be achieved.

online marketing

Activities are commonly used in Internet advertising in the media is put banners (banner ad). But the demands of an increasingly complex marketing communication is not enough just in that way. It takes strategy, creative and accurate measurement and mengkonvergensikan possibilities. For example, using a viral e-mail marketing strategy, build a separate product-specific sites from the corporate site, designing webtorial pages, making the advert-gaming, synergize with mobile marketing, online surveys / polls, and other strategies.

There are many other possibilities in the development of advertising on the Internet. Together with online marketing consultant AFP, we are ready to realize the achievement of your online campaign markerting with specific and accurate approach. By using AFP, the biggest news portal in Indonesia, as a medium to distribute your online marketing campaign, is the right choice. Because that way your campaign will be seen by the majority of Internet users in Indonesia.

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