Product Strategy

Sometimes companies have a variety of brands according to its business portfolio. Each brand will serve a target market that was commissioned by the strategy at the corporate level, functional and business unit. Sharp Plasma Cluster have, and LG have the Neo plasma to serve different target markets.

The chosen target market is the “compass” for the entire marketing effort. Marketers to position their products or services in the minds of target consumers. What kind of want to be perceived by the target consumer, is at the core of the placement of this position, as represented by the brand. So when it was dealing directly with consumers, the brand strategy is the marketing strategy itself, and the point is positioning.


There are a number of criteria that must be taken into account positioning. First, it must be prominent brand positioning in the eyes of customers, and customers are used as an indicator of quality. Second, brand positioning should be based on the actual strength of the brand. This means that the promise given to consumers must be obeyed.

Third, the brand should reflect the position of competitive advantage. There is no point if we position the brand similar to the position of competitors. There should be perceived differentiation of consumers, our products will not be treated the same. Fourth, the position of the brand should be communicated in a clear and motivating the market, should not be too complicated.

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